Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Custom Baby-Safe Magnets

Okay, so you know how when you have a great idea you are like "Oh. My. Goodness. I am such a genius!!! I must share my genius with THE WORLD!!!!!"? Well today is that day for me.

I have been looking for magnetic toys for the baby. She creeps and crawls now so when we are cooking and cleaning, she likes to hang out in the kitchen and play with the fridge magnets. The only magnets we feel comfy having her play with are the big rubbery ones that spell out city names that you get while waiting in an airport during a layover on your way home from vacation and feel like you just haven't quite spent enough money. Yeah, you know the kind.

"Why not get those alphabet letters" you ask? I've looked into those already. No go. They are 1) made in China (blech!) 2) have tiny and, I'm quite sure, poorly adhered magnets on the back, and 3) not intended for babies anyway.

So strolling through Target today I found this $5 puzzle.

I also remember that I have 8.5x11 self-adhesive magnet sheets at home left over from another project. You are already doing the math.

I will cut the magnetic sheet using Spellbinder's dies, stick it to the back of each animal and vwah-lah! Instant (and safe) baby toy.


Okay, as I was typing this up I heard some clanking sounds in the kitchen. Apparently the puzzle pieces are made up of some type of balsa wood = not great for sticky back magnet sheets. I am going to glue the magnet sheet on with some fabri-tac glue or glossy accents. I'll report back if this works.

The extra glue worked! Yay!

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  1. Bec, this is just an adorable idea. And you are crafting again!!! Woo hoo. I miss seeing your work. Scrap on Girl!