Saturday, March 5, 2011

How To Make A Diaper Cake

If you've never seen a diaper cake before, you are not alone. This is the second one I've done for a baby shower and about half the guests had never even heard of such a thing.

So today at the shower I got lots of questions regarding the construction of a diaper cake. I thought I'd write a tutorial. Bear in mind, I did not invent this...I saw one about 10 years ago and if you search Google images you'll find many many examples.

I'm sharing with you the easiest way I've seen so far:

What You'll Need

Diapers - Um, duh. I bought a 120 count box of Size 1's and a 84 count box of Size N's Huggies.

Center Pieces - this is what you will put in the very middle of the cake and won't actually be seen but acts as an anchor to hold all the layers together and is a nice surprise for the recipient. I used two packs of baby wipes and a set of receiving blankets. You could also use a large bottle of lotion, tub of diaper cream or any other tall slender item.

Small Toys - These will decorate the outside of the cake. I used a rattle and some teething rings. You could also get a small book, a picture frame for a wallet sized photo, some rolled up bibs or any other small fun object.

Topper - Just like in a real wedding cake, you need something to decorate the top of your diaper cake. I used 3 plushie rattles tied together with ribbon. You could also use one medium sized stuffed animal, or a big puffy bow made of ribbon.

String - This will hold the diapers together forming each 'layer'. You can also use ribbon or yarn or twine.

Ribbon - This will be wrapped around the cake to help decorate each layer and cover any string that was used for support. You could also use tulle or fabric or any other prettiness that you can wrap around each layer. I used a 10 yard roll of 2" fabric ribbon and had about 18 inches left.

Cardboard Cake Plate - I got mine for $4 at a bakery. There are no pictures but I slid it under my cake and this made it so easy to transport. You could cut your own from a cardboard box or use a real cake stand that is 18" wide.

Now let's put this thing together! My tutorial might seem long but you could finish one in 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

  1. Step One - Assemble the center for the first layer. I stood a pack of wipes up on one end and wrapped a set of receiving blankets around it, then tied with ribbon. See below.

  2. Step Two - Fan a good amount of diapers all around the center with the folded side facing out. I used 60 size 1 diapers in my first layer. The diapers should be standing up on their side and will most likely NOT stand up on their own (I don't have a pic of my first layer.) An extra pair of hands might be really helpful at this point.

    If you don't have an assistant, do your best to wrangle the diapers enough to wrap string around the outside of the diaper circle. Pull the string super tight and tie a knot. This is where the layer really takes shape. The diapers may look all jumbled and sloppy but you can easily adjust them to make them evenly spaced.

  3. Step Three - Fan more diapers around the center for layer #2. I used 39 size 1 diapers for this layer.

    Cinch this layer together with more string pulled tightly.

  4. Step Four - Stack another pack of wipes upright in the center.

    Fan more diapers around the center for layer #3. I used 42 size N diapers in this layer. Repeat for the final top layer. I used 21 size 1 diapers.

  5. Step Five - Use ribbon to tie small toys to each layer in random spots.

  6. Step Six - Put your topper on the cake. When my layers were assembled, I had a small space inside the top layer that was the perfect place to put my plushie rattles.

    Here is what mine looked like thus far.

  7. Step Seven - Tie ribbon around each cake layer into a pretty bow in front. If you aren't great at tying bows, feel free to wrap ribbon around without the bow.

  8. Step Eight - Stand back and marvel at your creation! Celebrate the awesome job you just did with a well deserved glass of wine.

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