Saturday, April 9, 2011

Total Shocker and Massive Happy Dance!!

Okay, I wrote about submitting (4) cards for the new Cricut Cards Magazine back in February. I had hoped the editors would pick one but I didn't pin too much hope on it. There are a ton of talented peeps in this world! Plus, I've read that sometimes it takes a few dozen submissions before an artist is selected for publishing.

Well, Friday I about had a heart attack as I read an email from the magazine requesting one of my cards. Holy moley! Is my work *actually* going to be in a magazine for the world to see? Yup!

And you can only imagine my surprise as I got three more emails requesting the rest of the items I submitted. Are you KIDDING ME???!!! My very first time submitting work and I get all 4 pieces selected?? I'm still in shock. Pinch me. For realz.

Now lets hope I can remember the steps used to create each card.

*fingers crossed!*


  1. Well, it's no wonder. Your cards are fabulous!

  2. How fun for you! It is very exciting when that happens! I am your newest follower. Hope you will pop by Julie's Open Window, follow along and have fun!