Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitchen Re-Mod

In 2007 we gave our sad frumpy kitchen a facelift. You might say we nipped, tucked and botoxed the crap out of it. Check the before pic. Count everything hideous in the picture and we'll see if our numbers match.

1) light fixture
2) wall paper trim above cabinets
3) cabinets covered in laminate that isn't even trying really hard to look like real wood
4) countertop microwave
5) mismatched appliances
6) busted looking faucet
7) oven is killing me
8) ratty bar chair...also killing me
9) laminated countertop

Here is the glorious 'after':

1) dumped that dome light fixture
2) ditched the wallpaper
3) real wood cabinets, extra tall
4) over the oven microwave
5) new flat top stove in white like the other appliances
6) pendant lights over bar
7) wait, did you say bar? Yes, we now have a bar!!
8) granite
9) more counterspace (reconfigured cabinets)
10) sweet new handles
11) sink & faucet upgrade
12) backsplash that is to die for
13) mood lighting. Say what?


And for the final side-by-side:

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