Monday, November 22, 2010

Lookee what I made....gobble gobble!

I found the idea here at The Cottage Home and thought it looked easy enough. For once I was right!!!

The only place I deviated from the original instructions is where I didn't use any pattern. After applying the Heat-n-Bond to my selections of fabric, I folded the fabric over and free-hand cut two feathers at once. Actually, since I'm too lazy to cut out a bunch of feathers one at a time I wanted all my feathers to be the same size, I cut through 3 doubled-over fabric pieces at a time. Fabric scissors are hella sharp! I wouldn't recommend folding the fabric so that the Heat-n-Bond is on the inside though...I had the worst time pulling the resulting two feathers apart.

Then, after arranging the feathers into a turkey-ish fan, I ironed them to the onsie.

Then I free-hand cut a turkey body out of felt, pinned it to the onsie, ran some stitches around, then did the same around each feather. I finished the turkey's face with embroidery thread and needle.

Then I went and found the cutest little model this side of the Mason Dixon line. Which was pretty easy since she lives here in this house with me!


  1. How cute is that?! What a good little mommy, you are.

  2. That is so stinkin cute! And the onesie is cute too1